Experiment with Depth!

Try having one row have a background color, then make a custom row background for the next row that is half of it's previous row's color and half of the next row's color.  Try different angles, shapes, or curves.  This creates a layer of depth in what was previously just a flat site.


I bet Siteswan didn't even know it could do that.  It may be "limited" in its scope, but with the right amount of experimenting, you can get some cool effects.

More Depth

Image icon depth
With coding, we can have images overlap off of other images.  We can achieve a similar effect by layering parts in Photoshop and using a bit of drop shadow to add additional depth.    Just make sure to save it as a PNG!  For an additional layer of depth, add a drop shadow to the base image as well.  Also, try creating a separate version of the image without the icon and crop it to 1920x1080 to use as the row background.   Just keep in mind what it will look like on mobile.  Putting the icon on the bottom side of the image may be a better approach for Mobile since it won't be awkwardly on the side.  Try different things!
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Another Depth Experiment

Similar to the first depth experiment above, instead of using flat icons or images, try putting an object floating over a unique background that transitions between two different background colors.
Phone 01